Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DCS Seniors Recreate Macbeth


DCS Seniors create a video reenactment of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" Act 3 Scene 4 in Honors English class.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DCS Win at FBLA District Competitions

On Friday, January 24th, Dade Christian participated in the FBLA District competitions. Students had a great opportunity to represent our school.  Please congratulate each student for participating & specially our district winners who have qualified to go on to state competition.

Crusader students received awards in the following areas:
Jonathan Terzado, 1st Place, Introduction to Business
Judah Oluwagbemiga, 1st Place, Public Speaking I
Christina Hernandez, 3rd Place, Insurance & Risk Management
Jesse Cabauy, 1st Place, Intro to Business Communications
Luis Goberna, 1st Place, Business Procedures

Dade Christian Expands Their Influence Worldwide

Dade Christian School was recently a host to a contingent of 15 Chinese students visiting from Shanghai, China this past week.  All of whom were participating in a campus tour that was geared at continuing a new program that was launched for the 2013/14 school year.  The program which partners Dade Christian School with a variety of schools  and agencies in Korea, China and the Philippines is specifically focused as part of the global initiative adopted by the pastoral team.  “Our goal is to broaden the impact of New Testament Baptist Church and Dade Christian School across the globe by giving students an opportunity to experience excellence in private Christian education in a warm and friendly environment.”  “Our expectations for our students are high,” says high school principal, Matthew Annett.  “Our first expectation is that they sincerely want to be a part of our community.  Secondly, we are seeking students that have above average to superior intelligence.  Thirdly, they must be committed to the same standards of excellence that we have worked hard to bring forth in our current students.”  Dade Christian School is excited about their ability to expand their academic programming throughout the globe. They are especially excited about the partnerships they have made and will continue to make through education abroad.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Father/Son Campout is Themed "Frozen"

This year the theme for the 3rd Annual New Testament Baptist Church Father Son campout was “FROZEN”.  Not to be confused with the Disney movie, 130 Fathers and sons gathered for our annual Everglades getaway and the lowest temperature recorded about 90 minutes northwest of Miami Lakes was 31 degrees Fahrenheit.  The event attracts fathers and sons of all ages.  The oldest father and son tandem was Cliff Konchak (reserving to remain ageless) attended with his sons Craig (42)and Brett Konchak (31).  The event was held on January 18 and 19 on a beautiful piece of private property that is surrounded by 1 million acres of Big Cypress National Preserve.  The event was put on by New Testament Baptist Church and hosted by “Alligator” Ron Bergeron.  Alligator Ron as he is affectionately known, is a commissioner re-appointed to a five-year term on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission in March 2013. His goal in providing access to this beautiful acreage is to ensure that our next generation will fall in love with the everglades and have a desire to protect them.
Craig Konchak, the coordinator for the past three years commented on the event, “there is something special about gathering together a group fathers and sons and giving them an opportunity, in an amazing setting like this, to restate their commitment to one another.  The event included special guests, such as Blessed Archers CEO, Armando Camejo, who hosted an archery skeet station.  Otter John provided an amazing South Florida animal presentation to include a variety of native snake species and even a 6 foot Diamond Back rattlesnake.  The cost of the event was $50 and included transportation from Dade Christian School and 4 meals. The event is hosted each year on Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.  If anyone is interested in more information about next years adventure, please contact the NTBC Development office at (305)827-8731.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

All Employee Retreat at Sun Life Stadium

Monday, August 12th was a real treat for the collective ministry team from NTBC, DCS and TMA. Teachers, pastors, staff... everyone was gathered into buses and transported to an undisclosed location... Sun Life Stadium! Together we fellowshiped, enjoyed lunch and heard an encouraging message about service and ministry at the sunny, breezy stadium, home of our favorite football team!  What a blessing to fellowship as one team in such a memorable place, and a great start to the new school year!

Visit the website for more pictures...
2013-2014 All Employee Retreat at Sun Life Stadium

Monday, February 25, 2013

Crusader Nation Carnival 2013

As the sun set on the Dade Christian School carnival, organizers of the event bowed their heads in prayer giving thanks for the amazing weather on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The new kid on the block as Carnivals go, Dade Christian School, was a proud host to the 2nd Annual DCS Carnival.  Thousands came out to take part in our community block party and enjoyed an upgraded ride presentation, tons of amazing food, live entertainment throughout the entire event, games, prizes, expanded parking and most importantly the NTBC “Prayer Wall”, created as an encouragement for the public to share their prayers and petitions.
Months of preparation led to the opening of the 2nd Annual DCS Carnival and the buzz around town was, “what will they do this year?”  Dade Christian School opened up Thursday night with, “Date Night” or “Bring a friend and ride FREE” night.  Anyone who had a ride bracelet, ticket or hand stamp was permitted to bring a friend along for FREE.  Karaoke night was also Thursday night and the talent agencies were buzzing around the likes, of Al Barrera and his rendition Billy Joel’s version of “you maybe right”.
Friday night was game night as the Crusaders hosted games like limbo, a pie eating contest, make up artist hero and some live music with the likes of:
Saturday was the DCS Talent Show and “Crusader Band Stand” the stage was rocking all night with an assortment of live music from
Sunday was Country Western day as 99.9 KISS Country’s, Eric Brandon, hosted a live remote from the Crusader Fair Grounds. 
Our goal is to communicate to South Florida  in word and deed, that our church and school, landmarks since 1961, is still a friendly place  that seeks to build meaningful relationships with our community.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Leaving it all on the field

With a final score of 28-10, your Dade Christian Crusaders left it all on the field Friday afternoon as they competed for the 2A State Championship Title.  Finishing State runner-up, after having led for three of four quarters, the toughness, tenacity and grit that had allowed them to perform on this statewide platform could not hold on as they battled injuries, cramping, exhaustion and a team with considerably more depth.  Many of the Crusaders played on offense and defense making it extremely difficult to physically recover from play to play.  At the conclusion of the game, and after having received their Class 2A State Runner-up trophy, the Crusaders received a standing ovation from their beloved fans who were able to share in an amazing season. 

The Crusader Nation was well represented by three charter buses filled with drum lines, pep bands, cheerleaders and a host of red clad Crusaders filling the stands in support.  In the end, the Dade Christian School Seniors finished with a record of 31-5 over the past three seasons and became the first team in the schools 52 year history to  reach the state title game.  Head coach, Mike Sonneborn, did not mince words at the conclusion of the game Friday afternoon as he confidently replied with quiet strength, "we'll be back, I'll make sure of it."

On behalf of Dade Christian School and NTBC we salute our football team, not only for their tremendous effort, but also for their authentic Christian leadership on and off the field.

To read more about the state championship game click on the link below:  http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/12/08/3132604/runner-up-finish-puts-dade-christian.html

Go Crusaders!

Craig Konchak
Director of Development