Friday, February 27, 2015

Extraordinary Students Tianna Palmer & Lucas Larvenz

Join us in congratulating two remarkable students, Tianna Palmer, 12th grade, and Lucas Larvenz, 11th grade, who received the special distinction of performing at the prestigious University of Miami Frost Honor Band Festival in the highest caliber honor band groups! On February 14, these students played under world-renowned conductors alongside the most talented band students in South Florida, earning them the title of this week's extraordinary students.

Tianna has been a member of the Dade Christian School band for 7 years, and admits it has been a challenge to get to where she is now. Coming from a family with no musical background, Tianna discovered a passion for music she never knew she had while taking band in the fifth grade.  During the summer before her freshman year of high school, Tianna was invited to perform with Voyageurs International, a Colorado-based company organized to take American students and their musical talents to audiences abroad. She spent two and a half weeks touring Europe performing with other Music Ambassadors in France, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Tianna has also been invited to play with the South Florida Youth Symphony, District Honor Band, and now, the UM Honor Band. “Music has taught me to never stop doing what I love and to never give up on my dreams. If you have a passion for something, don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do it or you’ll never make it. Do what you love to do best!” Tianna hopes to continue her musical studies in college, whether at Florida International University or Liberty University. In the future, Tianna envisions herself being part of an orchestra and composing music. This gifted young musician has already composed her first piano ballad and is currently working on a woodwind piece.

Similar to Tianna, Lucas began playing the trumpet in the fifth grade. When asked how he decided on that particular instrument, he stated, “The trumpet always has the main parts, and I knew I wanted to play something you would hear.”  Never having been one to blend in, Lucas knew from an early age he was interested in music. “My dad plays a bunch of instruments and the piano professionally. I always knew I wanted to play, but having to take Fine Arts in elementary was a great opportunity for me.” Lucas has spent the past 6 years polishing his skills which have earned him multiple Superior ratings at the Florida Bandmasters Association Solo & Ensemble, as well as several invitations to play with the District Honor Band these past three years. Now in his junior year of high school, Lucas is considering colleges with the hopes of receiving a music scholarship and joining the college band. Ultimately, Lucas would love to be a part of a film orchestra that records motion picture scores. During the time he recently spent at the University of Miami, Lucas was able to tour the Frost School of Music. “They have a whole music campus. It was huge! [UM] has a great music program and it’s really competitive.”

It is amazing to witness how an elementary class requirement has brought out the God-given gifts and abilities these students have within them and enabled them to blossom into talented musicians. The arts are a critical component of any school’s structure, and Dade Christian is proud to boast award winning Band and Choir programs made up of talented individuals like Tianna and Lucas.

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