Monday, October 29, 2012

Best School Cafe in South Florida

Grettel Pantaleon, Kaleb Fowler, Karyna Gastesi, Amanda Diaz, and Alyssa Hessing (L-R) enjoy the high top tables and the flat screen televisions in the new Crusader Cafeteria.

Dade Christian revealed its newly renovated cafeteria to the student body and staff on Monday, October 29. Working on making improvements to the school, they started with the student and faculty’s main gathering place, the cafeteria. “It’s like no school cafeteria I have ever seen,” said Dade Christian School parent, Chely Rodriguez. From the smooth polished concrete floors to the new flat screen televisions, Dade Christian School has made many upgrades that have made quite an impression on everyone who enters the “Crusader Café.”
“The Crusader Café is demonstrating to everyone that Dade Christian School is always looking for ways to improve its facility in order for the students and faculty to benefit from the renovations,” said Junior, Nikol Rodriguez. “The style of the cafeteria is so modern and unique; it reminds me of Chipotle, my favorite restaurant.” The new contemporary design was made to resemble a modern restaurant.
In the morning, the new flat screens televise educational cartoons for the younger elementary students while informing parents and students of upcoming events. During secondary lunch, picture slideshows of the students are displayed, as well as videos of the latest sporting events featuring Crusader athletes, such as the most recent football game.
Its purpose was to embody an environment of comfort and promote studies after school. The café is a place where students could go to in order to do their homework without any interruptions while being very comfortable after school. “It is great to see the students on their iPads completing assignments while sitting comfortably in the new seating area,” said geography teacher, Richard Yi.
Its new sleek design complements our school in more ways than one. Our students look forward to coming to lunch each and every day, the seniors especially are ecstatic about their new seating area during high school lunch that includes high top tables and booths. “We were so happy when we saw our new seating area,” said Senior, Justin Martinez. “It’s awesome that the underclassmen get to enjoy it as well before and after school.” Overall, the café is a homerun.

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