Wednesday, November 28, 2012


One of Dade Christian's elementary football teams, the Warriors, huddle around Coach Tommy Valentine during practice. 
They run, they tackle, and they strive for success! This might sound like the Dade Christian varsity football team, but think again. This is the DCS, tiny but mighty, intramural elementary football program. This program takes “Grow to be a Pro” to a whole other level.
“Even though I’m little, my dad says I play like a big boy. I always try to make touchdowns and do my best.” said elementary football player, Tyler Sonneborn. “The best part is that I get to play with all of my friends and we all have the same goal, to win. What pushes me the most is when I go to be the water boy at the varsity football games. I like seeing them win and I hope to be like them one day.” The elementary program is composed of three teams and is a feeder for our varsity program. The goal is to prepare them at a young age for a rigorous varsity program that they will one day be a part of.
This year, the Dade Christian varsity football program is undefeated and is ranked as one of the top teams in Division 2A in Florida.  Battered but not beaten, the Crusaders have survived many injuries but somehow manage to post a banner season, making it to the State Semi-Finals  one game away from States. “As a former elementary football player, I like to be an example for the elementary football program.” said Junior Alex Perera. “It was a long time ago that I was playing elementary football, but I remember every game.  I am glad to have been a part of the elementary program and continue hope to continue being a role model for the younger kids well beyond my years as a student.  Once a Crusader, always a Crusader!”

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