Thursday, November 29, 2012

DCS Marine Biology Class Dives into "The Caves"

The Marine Biology class at Dade Christian School is not afraid of water! It is one of the most exciting classes Dade Christian School has to offer.  In this class, students are given the opportunity to become scuba certified, allowing them to safely go on dives throughout the year. Considering the challenges associated becoming scuba certified, the class is only offered to seniors.
“Growing up at DCS, I have looked forward to taking this class forever and it has been no disappointment sharing these amazing experiences with my classmates. Marine Biology has made me love the ocean and enjoy God’s creation on a more in depth level,” said by senior, Olivia Webb. “Students not only get to experience the dives, but they also learn in the classroom about ocean life and how magnificent our underwater world is,” said Marine Biology teacher,  Cathy Cryer.  No stranger to Dade Christian School after 28 years, Cathy Cryer, is the DCS version of “Ms. Frizzle” who really builds a sense of wonder in each of her students.
In December, the Marine Biology class will be taking their next dive! It will be at the world famous Disney Park, Epcot. The students will have the opportunity to dive at the “Living Seas” attraction.  Students will be able to experience an underwater adventure with everything from squid to sharks in a tank that holds 8,500 marine inhabitants.   Visitors of the park will be able to see everything the students are doing in this crystal clear aquarium that holds 5.7 million gallons of water. It is an experience of a lifetime! In order to prepare for this dive, the students recently went on a 30 foot dive off of the coast of Ft. Lauderdale into “The Caves.” “I will admit I was nervous before the dive, but as soon as I got into the water, I felt so grateful for being given the opportunity to be part of this class,” said senior, Justin Martinez.
Amidst all of the activities, classes, and clubs, Marine Biology is definitely not something one should miss out on while attending DCS!

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