Monday, December 10, 2012

Leaving it all on the field

With a final score of 28-10, your Dade Christian Crusaders left it all on the field Friday afternoon as they competed for the 2A State Championship Title.  Finishing State runner-up, after having led for three of four quarters, the toughness, tenacity and grit that had allowed them to perform on this statewide platform could not hold on as they battled injuries, cramping, exhaustion and a team with considerably more depth.  Many of the Crusaders played on offense and defense making it extremely difficult to physically recover from play to play.  At the conclusion of the game, and after having received their Class 2A State Runner-up trophy, the Crusaders received a standing ovation from their beloved fans who were able to share in an amazing season. 

The Crusader Nation was well represented by three charter buses filled with drum lines, pep bands, cheerleaders and a host of red clad Crusaders filling the stands in support.  In the end, the Dade Christian School Seniors finished with a record of 31-5 over the past three seasons and became the first team in the schools 52 year history to  reach the state title game.  Head coach, Mike Sonneborn, did not mince words at the conclusion of the game Friday afternoon as he confidently replied with quiet strength, "we'll be back, I'll make sure of it."

On behalf of Dade Christian School and NTBC we salute our football team, not only for their tremendous effort, but also for their authentic Christian leadership on and off the field.

To read more about the state championship game click on the link below:

Go Crusaders!

Craig Konchak
Director of Development

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