Monday, February 25, 2013

Crusader Nation Carnival 2013

As the sun set on the Dade Christian School carnival, organizers of the event bowed their heads in prayer giving thanks for the amazing weather on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The new kid on the block as Carnivals go, Dade Christian School, was a proud host to the 2nd Annual DCS Carnival.  Thousands came out to take part in our community block party and enjoyed an upgraded ride presentation, tons of amazing food, live entertainment throughout the entire event, games, prizes, expanded parking and most importantly the NTBC “Prayer Wall”, created as an encouragement for the public to share their prayers and petitions.
Months of preparation led to the opening of the 2nd Annual DCS Carnival and the buzz around town was, “what will they do this year?”  Dade Christian School opened up Thursday night with, “Date Night” or “Bring a friend and ride FREE” night.  Anyone who had a ride bracelet, ticket or hand stamp was permitted to bring a friend along for FREE.  Karaoke night was also Thursday night and the talent agencies were buzzing around the likes, of Al Barrera and his rendition Billy Joel’s version of “you maybe right”.
Friday night was game night as the Crusaders hosted games like limbo, a pie eating contest, make up artist hero and some live music with the likes of:
Saturday was the DCS Talent Show and “Crusader Band Stand” the stage was rocking all night with an assortment of live music from
Sunday was Country Western day as 99.9 KISS Country’s, Eric Brandon, hosted a live remote from the Crusader Fair Grounds. 
Our goal is to communicate to South Florida  in word and deed, that our church and school, landmarks since 1961, is still a friendly place  that seeks to build meaningful relationships with our community.

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